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What makes a suit trend in the market?

A piece of fabric needs a lot of work from a tailor. You need to be very highly skilled to cut out designs that make most people become stunning with your work on that piece of clothing. You also need a high quality fabric, creativity and work hand in hand with other tailors to give the best. If you create an impeccable work, you are sure the market will accept your work in a positive way.

Draping and superior form

What counts a lot is the inside and outside of the suit to be worn. It cannot gain a smooth rounded form in a natural manner. A rich layer is created on the inside to give you a rich structure and a curved shape using horse hair with reinforced cotton to line the inside part of your suit. This canvas gives you a perfect fit and an elegant look from the superior quality fabric.

Remarkable Workmanship

The Bangkok suit made from skilled workers who are passionate about tailor work in giving out the best. They are very carefully on how they cut the garment and also assembling pieces of garments together. They handle each step from hand stitching your jacket arm to the shoulder and reinforcing each button. Every team member has his task to accomplish perfection in their art of tailoring.

Made to fit you

They have a lot of cut measurements to create the perfect suit for you. It is specifically cut to fit your body contours and the measurements are saved well for your next order. There is no need of taking measurements again as they are saved from your first outfit. Each details of your garment are customized to meet your style in a perfect and unique way.


For a piece of clothing to trend in the market, as a tailor you need to be very perfect in your work. Each and every detail is important on every suit you make. A high quality fabric, measurements, creativity and team work spirit all have to be perfect to make the best suits in the market.

Online shopping

Purchase of products through the internet has significantly grown over the past few years. Most businesses nowadays strive to set up an online shop even if they have a physical outlet. Businesses from almost all industries find online space so useful because it helps to boost their sales.

Many people in this generation spend hours on their phones browsing through the internet. This makes it easy to reach a large population through online shops compared to physical outlets. In addition, most people usually have tight schedules which makes it hard for them to visit stores to get the items they require. Online stores such as FN shopnow, have helped remedy such situations since people can shop from wherever they are at their own comfort.

Online stores have given customers more liberty to get what they desire. The customer can access a wide range of products and choose which he/she may find best. You should consider the quality and the cost of the product you are buying so that you can work within your budget. The competition between online stores forces them to come up with crazy offers so that they can attract customers. At the end of it all, it’s the customers who end up benefiting.

The presence of online stores has also made it easier for manufacturers to launch their products into markets with lower overhead costs. Online shopping has no geographical boundaries hence retailers can easily reach customers even from other countries.

There are many online outlets offering different products and services. You should only get your items from reputable stores. That will ensure that you get high quality products and also professional help in case of any issue. You should research about a given store before trading with it. Consider what other past customers have to say about the store. You can go ahead and shop once you are certain that you have acquired enough data.

4 Essential Men’s Accessories

Having a fine-tailored suit or a fresh pair of sneakers is a great feeling that can give you an extra boost of confidence when you need it most. However, your outfit and footwear shouldn’t be the only aspects of your attire. There are many accessories out there that provide their own useful amounts of form and function.

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In this list, we’ll take a look at four accessories that every man needs in his life, regardless of age, location, and occupation. Some could serve as a key component in your daily outfits, while others may only come in handy on the occasion. But when they do, you’ll be glad that you invested in it instead of having to scramble around at the last minute.

Dress Socks

For those long-anticipated date nights or unexpected wedding days, the time to wear a freshly cut suit is bound to come eventually. That’s why we’ve included some of the most important but often ignored accessories that a good suit needs. One of the most overlooked is a pair of dress socks.

You’re not Michael Jackson, so the plain white socks should be kept for tennis day. Instead, invest in a more intricately designed pair depending on your style and personality. Be it a sophisticated houndstooth monogram or a bunch of pineapples on a bright blue background, a stylish pair of socks can do a lot of talking whenever they peek out of your shoes.

A Watch You Can Invest In

No accessory is as timeless as, well, a classic watch. Smartwatches and those digital “G-Shock” behemoths may look cool, but they don’t exactly evoke the same sense of refinement and sophistication as a slimmer, more minimally designed timepiece.

An added benefit is that you can keep your phone in your pocket whenever you need to know the time. A good watch can also serve as a conversational piece to lighten things up with strangers. If you’re looking to get started with an affordable, well-built timepiece crafted by the likes of Issey Miyake, be sure to check out this watch shop Thailand.

Tie Bar

The tie bar is a highly affordable and often overlooked component of your suit that will add a great amount of sophistication to your look. Go for a simple silver piece to match any color.

Leather Wallet

Have you ever experienced the pain of having to tear open a velcro wallet in public? It just screams “I’m empty” every time you do it. A well-made leather wallet offers superior style and durability, without the ear-breaking sound whenever you open it up.

What’s great about higher quality leather materials is that they develop a unique look or “patina” over time, which will make your leather wallet feel truly unique, making it a great long-term investment. Go for the classic bifold for maximum functionality.


Not enough for you? Here are a few more recommendations to consider: Pocket square, sunglasses, dress belt, weekender bag, backpack, and a clean pair of white sneakers. Take a good look at what your wardrobe currently needs – an accessory is likely the answer.



2019 Trend Making Best Backpack Organizer for Your Laptop Bag or Purse

When it comes to laptop bags, backpacks or purse, there are extremely thousands of options are available for its organizer. When you have too many daily use accessories too little space, its only high coverage backpack organizer gives elegant space to your every belonging in your most favorite handbag. A good purse organizer is a productive item that suits your needs, complement your handbag and simplify your regular life. Buying a handbag insert will reduce your frustration by keeping all your accessories and items organized in a systematic manner. Otherwise, there used to be a frustrating moment when you had to dig through your handbag to simply find your keys, especially when you were in hurry.

If you want to apart yourself from frustration moment, buy an organizer or handbag base shaper that will add value to your purse and keep everything sorted. Below is the list of 2019 most popular handbag organizer that you can rest assured of finding the ideal purse organizer with you which always complementing your handbag. Check out our top picks of handbag base shaper below:

  •    KD Australia Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer

If you want something fashionable and large capacity carrying purse organizer, then KD Australia multi-pocket travel handbag organizer will be the most ideal option to keep various accessories in order. This sort of purse organizer purposely designed with an idea of having multiple pockets to put your money, coins, keys, phone and other essential inside the organizer absolutely neat and clean manner. It is made up of high quality and waterproof fabric to protect your expensive items stored inside the handbag insert protected from spillage. Beside its commendable fabric material, it is versatile, multi-functional, pretty and affordable.

  •    Periea Handbag Organizer

Much like a pair of socks that always seem to get lost in the laundry, trying to find an essential at the bottom of any fashionista’s purse is practically impossible. Not anymore, with the option like Periea making high waves in the purse organizer marker! Simply worthy and stylish! This handbag organizer will get any mess sorted out in a jiffy! You can keep your credit/debit cards, passport, ID proof, jewelry and other sensitive items in this organizer and walk stress-free.

  •    Vercord Canvas Handbag Organizer

Owning a spacious handbag is a blessing thanks to its ability to store various items and sensitive cards, but it could even get better with an organizer. With the Vercord canvas, you don’t have to spend a long time searching for the tiny items hidden in the depth of the bag or behind the heavy items, you have kept inside it.

  •    Pursefection purse organizer

If you want a quality that always stays rigid and won’t collapse in your handbag, Pursefection truly meets your expectation. It means the items you want to keep inside the bag stay protected from getting crushed or squished. This type of organizer is spacious enough yet lightweight, so you can efficiently store many daily life essentials in its pocket and carry it anywhere you want. Designed to turn the messy look of your handbag into well organizational paradise, the pursefection will become a favorite thing for your handbag in no time.

These are the few trendy options to give your favorite handbag an organized look the moment it makes you feel like a junk drawer!


Types of shoes for outdoor activities

Having the correct type of shoe is crucial for a successful outdoor activity. The type of outdoor activity you want to engage in will determine the type of shoe to use. You should consider a wide range of shoe choices before you decide to focus on one. This will make sure that you have the best type of shoe with you. Here are some of the common shoe categories available in the market.

Trail running shoe

This type of shoe is used for running. You can also use this type of shoe for minor hiking activities. However, you will be required to carry only light luggage during the hike. This type of shoe is normally agile and highly sensitive to pressure. You can check out the crossfit shoes that are specifically made for running.

Hiking shoes

This type of shoe is usually lighter than the hiking boots but have more weight and sturdiness compared to the trail running boots. The good balance between their weight and sturdy sole makes them perfect for hiking. This shoe is also very comfortable. You can easily find waterproof hiking shoes hence no uncomforting wetness on your expedition.

Hiking boots

You will find a wide variety of hiking boots specially made for different types of hikers. There are light hiking boots for hikers that do not carry with them heavy loads. Heavy boots are made for hikers that hike with heavy backpacks. This type of shoe is known as a boot because its cut rises above your ankle. Generally, these boots are heavier than hiking shoes. The entire upper part of this hiking boots is usually made of authentic leather.

Mountaineering boots

This type of boot is usually heavy with hard soles. Its cut includes a gaiter. The shoe is insulated and has plastic material on its heal and toes. They can also be used by ice climbers.