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Why Diamonds Are Still The Best Choice For Engagement Rings


Jewellery fashions come and go, but when it comes to something that you are likely to wear for the rest of your life, it is less important to follow trends and more important to get something that will remain beautiful and important to you throughout the years. There are lots of modern styles of engagement rings that incorporate all kinds of different stones, metals, and materials, and these can look really good. However, there is definitely an argument for classic diamonds when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring. Here, we look at some of the reasons why diamonds are still forever.

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  • Diamonds Go With Anything


The first reason why diamonds are such a great choice is that with a clear colour, they add the sparkle and shine, but will not clash with anything. Choosing coloured stones like sapphires or rubies can make for an attractive ring, but unlike diamonds, they don’t potentially go with any other jewellery or clothing colours you want to wear on any given day. A diamond engagement ring can look great, whether it’s with your daytime look or paired with other diamond jewellery for a black-tie event. This cannot be said for most other gemstones and materials. Another point here is that diamond in the engagement ring can later be matched to a diamond eternity ring or even a wedding ring with some diamonds set in it. It is also easy to match things like earrings to a good diamond ring, so if your engagement ring is diamond, you may well get some nice diamond gifts for wedding anniversaries later on!


  • Ethically Sourced Diamonds Are Now Much Easier To Find


One of the reasons why diamonds became less popular for a while is concerns around whether or not they were ethically sourced. Happily, however, businesses like Brilliant Earth have made finding beautiful jewellery made from ethical diamonds very easy, so you don’t have to worry that your engagement ring has any kind of dark history. Doing your research while you are shopping for your engagement ring or a ring that you plan to use to propose to somebody will allow you to ensure that you are only considering engagement rings that have used ethically sourced stones.


  • Fashionable Diamond Cuts Can Give You A Ring A Less Traditional Look If You Prefer


Another reason why some people have moved away from diamonds is that they want something more unique and personal than the traditional diamond solitaire or cluster. Fortunately, though, jewellers create all kinds of modern style jewellery using diamonds in different cuts, so whatever your taste and whether you want your ring to be big and bold or subtle and classy, you should be able to find something that appeals to you with a diamond setting.

Naturally, there are the other properties of diamonds that make them such a good choice for engagement rings, including their inherent value and their unbeatable durability. A good quality diamond ring can even become something that you pass down through your family as an heirloom.

No Conventional as well as Uncommon Wedding Bands

Therefore known as “Geek weddings” happen to be progressively marketed on the internet within the last few years, producing extremely nerdy partnerships strike the actual limelight! They provide the quirky, option undertake the thought of a conventional wedding ceremony. In the Flintstones in order to Shrek as well as Fiona, presently there is indeed a diamond ring to match each and every few, therefore here are a few good examples of the very uncommon wedding bands.

Plastic material

Alissia Melka-Teichroew’s cool polymer bands tend to be laser beam reduce as well as obtainable in many colors. Put them on piled to produce probably the most uncommon wedding bands you can possibly imagine!

Physician That

This particular diamond ring, created by Horrible Peripathetic, is actually influenced through the azure Uk law enforcement container which was created therefore well-known through Physician That. The actual music group consists of tarnish proof silver arranged along with 3 cubic Zirconium gemstones in order to signify law enforcement open public phone container indication, and also the gemstones tend to be little princess reduce sapphires. The actual diamond ring could be bespoke as well as, evidently, signifies adore which will final past the actual world as well as nicely to the 2nd large boom!

Knuckle diamond ring

Modern jeweller, Kate Clutter, produces jewelry that actually forces the actual limitations. Influenced through elaborate as well as smart style, she’s produced the actual knuckle diamond ring, that brings together metal knuckles by having an gemstone! The actual knuckle diamond ring is actually throw within silver as well as arranged along with 4 one-carat cubic zirconias. This will come in metal or even precious metal and may end up being distinctively bespoke.

Picture diamond ring

Developed by groom-to-be Lomaz Jerram as well as jewelry custom Tamrakar, the actual unique picture gemstone includes a mini-lens as well as clear slip having a little picture from the wedding couple, forecasted whenever gentle is actually shined about it.

Adore notice

Probably the most intimate as well as uncommon wedding bands, the actual customized adore notice diamond ring is really a individual adore notice sure inside a customized silver diamond ring. Merely stunning!


This particular dark band functions 14-carat dark precious metal along with a three-carat dark gemstone. The actual dark precious metal ends following 6 in order to a year, subjecting whitened precious metal in the sides as well as about the toned areas inside a classic look. Reapplication associated with dark rhodium isn’t required however 2 free of charge reapplication packages are supplied in the event that needed.


(Yes, truly! ) It’s exactly what this states: the Lego wedding band created from platinum eagle through Tyler Master.


A good isotope style having a portion of Moonglow luminescent materials, the actual shine gemstone is about comparison! It is definitely different things!


The actual precious metal HARDWARE diamond ring isn’t really a practical HARDWARE interface, however is made to seem like 1. This goes in order to Beam Arifianto, who’s the main Xbox 360 System group from Ms. He or she obtained the actual diamond ring through their wife-to-be and also the inscription scans “For an eternity associated with reminiscences, inch that signifies their own romantic relationship along with the USB’s storage space abilities.

And also the the majority of uncommon of these just about all…

Peanut butter as well as quickly pull

These two bands are constructed with polymer bonded clay-based, 1 diamond ring looks like peanut butter upon toasted bread and also the additional signifies quickly pull upon toasted bread. Not even close to conventional, these types of bands tend to be therefore unusual they’re possibly much more suitable for companionship bands…

Whilst definitely not for everybody, these types of 10 uncommon wedding bands do split along with custom as well as display the actual limitless options!

Platinum eagle Wedding Rings

The actual appeal associated with platinum eagle wedding bands is actually hard in order to avoid. They’re the best option with regard to partners who desire their own wedding bands in order to final for life. The actual organic whitened sheen, power, rarity as well as sturdiness associated with platinum eagle allow it to be a good greatest image associated with real love as well as dedication.

A good Gemstone is actually the most crucial buy for just about any individual. It’s a lot greater than a bit of jewelry. It’s lots of psychological importance with regard to both recipient and also the provider. These types of bands can be found in a variety of royal as well as contemporary styles.

There are many factors to select platinum eagle like a steel for the gemstone:

Sparkle as well as Durability- Whitened steel may be the favorite today since it will go nicely along with a variety of outfit. Platinum eagle is really a rare metal as well as bands created using this particular steel tend to be 95% real. It doesn’t need any kind of plating and may preserve it’s sparkle with regard to many years. Platinum eagle rings include perfect whitened sparkle as well as sleek shine that is not really present in every other steel.

Purity- Platinum eagle jewelry is actually 95% real. It’s wholesomeness is a lot much more when compared with additional gold and silver. Thus giving platinum eagle an additional benefit more than additional alloys.

Density- The actual denseness associated with platinum eagle enables this to keep gemstone along with other valuable gems within the the majority of guaranteed method.

Hypoallergenic- Lots of people are afflicted by steel allergic reactions and obtain pores and skin rashes through putting on add-ons made from silver and gold. Platinum eagle is really a hypoallergenic steel that makes it an appropriate option for those who have delicate pores and skin.

Rarity- Platinum eagle is among the rarest alloys. It’s thirty occasions rarer compared to precious metal. The actual rarity associated with platinum eagle causes it to be the cherish to own. Lots of people purchase platinum eagle jewelry great deal of thought like a great expense choice.

Reduced Maintenance- Platinum eagle rings will keep their own elegance for many years. They require really low upkeep and may very easily end up being cleaned out with a expert jeweller.

Symbolism- Platinum eagle rings represent everlasting adore, dedication as well as devotion.

Platinum eagle rings have grown to be the standing image today. They’re costly compared to precious metal bands because of their outstanding qualities. Platinum eagle as well as gemstone wedding rings tend to be desired through young families for that fashionable as well as advanced appear they provide. The actual recognition associated with platinum eagle like a wedding ceremony as well as wedding steel is actually apparent around the world. You’ll find a multitude of platinum eagle bands on the internet. You may also style your personal distinctive diamond ring by using these types of online retailers.

Gem Ear-rings — An excellent Present with regard to Xmas

Pearls help to make fantastic ear-rings and also have already been put on through women and men with the age range. Exactly what much more sensitive as well as appealing design can there be compared to which gently excellent planet shaking about the earlobe? On the trip to begin to see the Overhead Gems in the Structure associated with Birmingham lately, We had been intrigued to determine the actual Imperial Condition Overhead. This is actually the overhead that’s put on through Nobleman as well as A queen associated with Britain whenever they’ve been crowned within Westminster Abbey.

Begin to see the 4, large decrease pearls dangling in the center from the overhead? It’s thought which 2 of these fantastic gemstones had been as soon as ear-rings put on through Full At the We associated with Britain. Fortunate woman!

These days we are able to just about all put on gem ear-rings plus they are available in an enormous number of designs. To begin with you will find the actual traditional and incredibly fashionable solitary gem studs, wearable for those events. I’ve experienced my own for a long time as well as We do not sense “dressed” till I’ve hook them up to. Freshwater pearls could be coloured in most the actual colors from the range and also the dyeing does not impact the actual lustre from the jewel, therefore a set of pearls to complement any kind of ensemble is certainly about the credit cards. Place the gem having a gleaming very treasure and also you possess ear-rings match in order to celebration within, as well.

Necklace pearls don’t have to be considered a solitary jewel, such as Full Elizabeth’s. The actual “grape cluster” style is actually similarly spectacular but additionally sensitive. The actual beautiful grape bunch ear-rings tend to be elegant as well as classic. I really like the actual combination of light peach pearls along with whitened. It’s a mixture which simply breathes youthfulness as well as style. With regard to pure, fascinating prettiness, you might have these types of bell blossom ear-rings along with small freshwater pearls clustered in the blossom as well as capped along with an additional whitened gem. They’re an ideal existing for that style mindful woman.

An additional favorite may be the “shoulder duster” earring! They are lengthy ear-rings, almost towards the make and fantastic with regard to putting on at night. These types of Lavender Peach Lengthy Gem Ear-rings price the moderate amount of cash. They are absolutely no regular pearls however Baroque pearls, each one of these distinctive. Taking a look at these types of intimate gemstones you can easily understand why these were as soon as known as “mermaid’s tears”.

With regard to some thing spectacular, keishi as well as gold coin gem groupings tend to be super-sophisticated. There’s some thing regarding weapon steel gray or even dark pearls that’s truly attractive. The actual gray as well as dark pearls tend to be related to Knowledge within gem meaning.

And today for any “conversation piece” — a genuine show-stopper of the earring. The actual Monster Teeth Large Whitened Biwa Pearls really are a complete 20 mm long.

We in no way cease becoming astonished in the large number of designs made by gem oysters. It might be this kind of enjoyable in order to put on these types of Crimson Whitened Baroque Gem Ear-rings!

The actual crimson pearls appear for all your globe such as parrots and may are available in a variety of color combos.

Do you want Baroque pearls, Gold coin pearls, Biwa pearls or even the actual uncommon Keishi pearls? Do you would like whitened, gray, azure, eco-friendly or even red or even a mix of several colors? The actual variants associated with form as well as color and also the combos associated with each with regard to these types of ear-rings tend to be limitless. Therefore, enjoyable as well as jazzy, awesome traditional whitened or even lotion or even advanced as well as stylish dark, gray or even gun-metal, gem ear-rings can give any kind of ensemble a good start!

Customised Gem Anklet bracelets with regard to That special someone

After i think about personal jewelry, the very first image which jumps in to my personal mind may be the piece of art associated with Ann Boleyn putting on the woman’s pendant along with rip decrease pearls dangling from the gold “B” on her behalf lengthy gem string pendant.

Customised gems tend to be recognized through the actual age range. Like a kid We was handed an attractive metallic title preliminary to increase my personal metallic appeal band as well as We nevertheless contain it even today. Even though this particular appeal had been just the first associated with my personal very first title, it might be very feasible to possess a gem band having a loved-one’s entire title spelt away within metallic necklaces, every notice divided with a gem!

Such a dainty present to some youthful individual the band by having an preliminary within silver along with a silver appeal will be!

I really like the concept that you could alter the actual information the actual jewelry bears through altering the actual appeal which complements the first simply because, around other things, this particular jewelry is all about the actual feeling which complements this. The actual band over states “love” however alter the actual appeal also it might state: “baby” or even “fashion conscious” or even “Happy Xmas! inch

Some ear-rings along with necklace initials will also be really attractive presents. A mix of preliminary notice ear-rings by having an preliminary as well as gem necklace will be a thrilling present in order to open up anytime, not only from Xmas.

What about the actual band associated with enamelled drops along with some initials switching using the blossom necklaces? Such a fairly present this could end up being for any maid-matron of honour! We also provide some thing upon my personal desire checklist and that’s the actual pendant along with my personal very first title spelt away within silver initials, equally spread across the strip associated with pearls. Luxurious however a discussion item, I believe! Therefore, let us end up being luxurious as well as think about more thrilling styles that may be composed. What about the actual gold coin gem pendant. Right now, which club hold might be put on in front from the pendant and be the ornamental function along with silver initials as well as necklaces put into this. Appear once again in the piece of art associated with Ann Boleyn along with the woman’s “B” preliminary as well as necklace pearls. Observe the reason? It might be feasible to produce some thing comparable of your and also the variants how in order to customise a bit of jewelry tend to be limitless. I will finish having a favorite bit of Christmas-themed loveliness.

That understands in the event that all of us can get any kind of snowflakes slipping this particular Xmas, however here’s one which I’d voluntarily take with you beside me almost everywhere. Pleased Xmas!