Trends in designer watches for women

Designer watches for women are highly popular. There are numerous brands that as a customer one can choose from. These watches are loved for their unique shape and designs that have you feeling confident and looking lie a superstar.

Here are some of the trends in the designer watch market for women.


Designer watches in general are quite pricey. Designer watches for women range in price from affordable to extremely expensive watches.

At the Georg Jensen online shop, you can easily get designer watches to fit your budget. These are classic and beautifully designed watches for the discerning woman. They are made of different materials and are suitable for every occasion.


One of the most obvious ways to differentiate women’s watches from men’s is the straps. Designers of women watches have made watches whose straps are especially feminine. Men’s watches have thick straps. Women’s watches on the other hand have multi-colored and even easily replaceable straps.

Additionally, straps in women’s watches are quite pronounced in terms of design, while men’s watches have a basic and standard look that has existed for a while. These straps also come in different material such as leather, silver and gold strands and even feathers.

Unique shapes

One of the most unique and expensive women’s designer watch is one that hides the clock with a golden cat face. Bedecked with sapphire crystals and original diamonds, we can already understand the reason for its steep prices.

Its unique design ensures that its wearer stands out in the crowd and feels confident in the fact that they are wearing a beautiful accessory on their hand.

High end materials

Designer watches for women are often made out of high value materials. For instance, the highest selling designer watches targeted at women are made out of the finest diamonds and gold. Silver, diamonds and gold are combined to make a watch that is beautiful to look at and wear.


Designer watches for women are available in different sizes. Some are huge while others are quite small and slim.

Depending on their size, these watches are worn together with different outfits that bring out different aspects of the wearer’s fashion sense. Whether the watches are large or small they are made visible by the outfit that they are paired with.


As opposed to men’s watches, women’s designer watches are worn in most cases as accessories. They can be worn with bangles and bracelets on the same hand. Or, for formal situations, the watch can be easily worn with your power suit.

Designer watches are good accessories and accentuate whichever outfit they are worn with.


Another trend in designer watches is the growth in antique designs. Antique watch designs make for a beautiful addition to your style.

Antiques are unique and sometimes quite expensive. They are not mainstream products and are suitable for those who want to stand out and be unique in crowds.

Superior brands

Designer watches for women are made and backed by the already known women’s clothes brands. Well known brands in the fashion industry have backed and promoted the designer watches for women.

As a result, designer watches are easily accessible to women as they shop for their clothes and accessories. Superior brands have large advertising budgets that they use to promote their watch products and thus gain customers quickly.


When choosing a designer watch, women, like men, prefer to choose watches that will last a long time. Designers know this and therefore design and create watches that are long-lasting and that offer value for money.

Durable watches are also valued for they maintain value and can be passed on along generations as family heirlooms.


There are different trends going on for digital watches for women. They are beautiful and available in numerous styles. They are quite affordable and women are flocking shops to buy and wear them to accessories their outfits and develop their style.