Seven features that a baby stroller should not miss

It is every person’s dream to have a child and be called a parent. However, being a good parent involves taking great care of your child while it’s still growing and cannot attend to itself. One of the most important purchase you can make for your child is the stroller.

It is important to note that there are various types of baby strollers in the market, and each type has unique features that differentiate it. However, the following are some of the features that can help you identify the best stroller to pick for your child.


You should pick a stroller whose height can be adjusted to allow anyone to stroll the baby comfortably. It is advisable to buy a stroller that’s made of ergonomic material to reduce friction when pushing.


It is vital to ensure that the canopy is functioning before you leave the store. Close and open it to hear if it makes any noise; you would not want to wake up your sleeping child with loud noises coming from the canopy.


You should go for a stroller that’s easy to fold. This makes it portable enough for you when you can’t push the child around.


You will be required to carry some items for your child. It is therefore important to buy a stroller that has enough space for the things you would wish to carry.

Brakes and locks

Different strollers use different techniques to lock the wheels. Some of them have foot brakes while some will allow you to use the handlebar to lock the wheels. Some have added wheels to increase stability. You should therefore try out different strollers to find one that suits you.


You will notice that different strollers have different types of seats. You should ensure that the kind of seat on the stroller is comfortable enough for your child. Some of the seats are expandable to accommodate two babies. Some stroller models are extendable while some have footrests to keep your child comfortable.

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