4 Essential Men’s Accessories

Having a fine-tailored suit or a fresh pair of sneakers is a great feeling that can give you an extra boost of confidence when you need it most. However, your outfit and footwear shouldn’t be the only aspects of your attire. There are many accessories out there that provide their own useful amounts of form and function.

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In this list, we’ll take a look at four accessories that every man needs in his life, regardless of age, location, and occupation. Some could serve as a key component in your daily outfits, while others may only come in handy on the occasion. But when they do, you’ll be glad that you invested in it instead of having to scramble around at the last minute.

Dress Socks

For those long-anticipated date nights or unexpected wedding days, the time to wear a freshly cut suit is bound to come eventually. That’s why we’ve included some of the most important but often ignored accessories that a good suit needs. One of the most overlooked is a pair of dress socks.

You’re not Michael Jackson, so the plain white socks should be kept for tennis day. Instead, invest in a more intricately designed pair depending on your style and personality. Be it a sophisticated houndstooth monogram or a bunch of pineapples on a bright blue background, a stylish pair of socks can do a lot of talking whenever they peek out of your shoes.

A Watch You Can Invest In

No accessory is as timeless as, well, a classic watch. Smartwatches and those digital “G-Shock” behemoths may look cool, but they don’t exactly evoke the same sense of refinement and sophistication as a slimmer, more minimally designed timepiece.

An added benefit is that you can keep your phone in your pocket whenever you need to know the time. A good watch can also serve as a conversational piece to lighten things up with strangers. If you’re looking to get started with an affordable, well-built timepiece crafted by the likes of Issey Miyake, be sure to check out this watch shop Thailand.

Tie Bar

The tie bar is a highly affordable and often overlooked component of your suit that will add a great amount of sophistication to your look. Go for a simple silver piece to match any color.

Leather Wallet

Have you ever experienced the pain of having to tear open a velcro wallet in public? It just screams “I’m empty” every time you do it. A well-made leather wallet offers superior style and durability, without the ear-breaking sound whenever you open it up.

What’s great about higher quality leather materials is that they develop a unique look or “patina” over time, which will make your leather wallet feel truly unique, making it a great long-term investment. Go for the classic bifold for maximum functionality.


Not enough for you? Here are a few more recommendations to consider: Pocket square, sunglasses, dress belt, weekender bag, backpack, and a clean pair of white sneakers. Take a good look at what your wardrobe currently needs – an accessory is likely the answer.