Types of shoes for outdoor activities

Having the correct type of shoe is crucial for a successful outdoor activity. The type of outdoor activity you want to engage in will determine the type of shoe to use. You should consider a wide range of shoe choices before you decide to focus on one. This will make sure that you have the best type of shoe with you. Here are some of the common shoe categories available in the market.

Trail running shoe

This type of shoe is used for running. You can also use this type of shoe for minor hiking activities. However, you will be required to carry only light luggage during the hike. This type of shoe is normally agile and highly sensitive to pressure. You can check out the crossfit shoes that are specifically made for running.

Hiking shoes

This type of shoe is usually lighter than the hiking boots but have more weight and sturdiness compared to the trail running boots. The good balance between their weight and sturdy sole makes them perfect for hiking. This shoe is also very comfortable. You can easily find waterproof hiking shoes hence no uncomforting wetness on your expedition.

Hiking boots

You will find a wide variety of hiking boots specially made for different types of hikers. There are light hiking boots for hikers that do not carry with them heavy loads. Heavy boots are made for hikers that hike with heavy backpacks. This type of shoe is known as a boot because its cut rises above your ankle. Generally, these boots are heavier than hiking shoes. The entire upper part of this hiking boots is usually made of authentic leather.

Mountaineering boots

This type of boot is usually heavy with hard soles. Its cut includes a gaiter. The shoe is insulated and has plastic material on its heal and toes. They can also be used by ice climbers.