6 Items To Include In An Emergency Backpack

When disaster strikes, it may force you and your entire family to live your home and move somewhere safe to seek shelter; this may be over a long distance and a long time. Before leaving your possessions behind you need to make a list of the things you need for your survival. Of the items you see as important, ten are most needed.

Water: ever had that water is life, yes it is. Everyone needs water to survive more than you need food so carry enough water that will cater for drinking and for sanitation. Rucksaecke fuer Survival offer good bottles that will see that you never run out of clean water as you try to brave a befallen disaster.

Food: When packing, you should include non-perishables foods that can last the entire family for at least three days. Write a meal plan of the foods you will need, considering their nutritional value and the needs of the family. Ensure you have enough and some extras if you have some more space

Radio: Ensure you have a battery-powered radio to receive important information form the emergency stations in your area. This way you can learn of important information that might be important to know how the situation is, and where you can head to get help.

First aid kit with instructions: Have a first aid kit that is fully equipped to give you the best service should you need emergency medication. Read the instructions prior and keep them in the kit for further reference.

Flashlight: Include a flashlight in your survival kit and some new batteries. You could be travelling in bad weather or in darkness and you need to be seen by other travellers to avoid collisions.

Medications: Pack medications that are of strict prescription. If one of your group or family members needs medications to survive like insulin for diabetics, then carry enough supplies and some pain relievers.

This way your chances of surviving a disaster are higher.