Common Types of Paintball Guns and How to Buy Them

What is this? A paintball gun also known as a paintball marker is an equipment used to play the game of paintball.  The guns use compressed air or carbon dioxide (CO2) to propel balls of paint to strike the opponent. Paintball gun as a sport is fast becoming popular owing to its nature that it is mostly an outdoor game. Numerous stores have these guns in stock and therefore it is easy to find the best paintball gun for the money.

In the market today you will find various types of paintball guns, but there are 3 types that a new player will most likely buy.

Mechanical paintball guns– They are semi-automatic and commonly used for recreational play. Most of these can operate on compressed air or carbon dioxide and are easy to maintain and affordable as well. Mechanical paintball guns are easily refilled if you are playing at a commercial field or have a shop nearby.

Pump paintball guns– This type is manually operated to fire and also is the oldest among the three. The player has to cock the marker to propel each shot. This gun gives a rewarding challenge though it may not be the best for the new player.

Electronic paintball guns– These guns are battery-operated and the trigger trips a laser beam or clicks on a micro switch.  Electronic paintball guns are further categorized into; spool valve, electric sear tripper and pneumatic poppet valve.

New players looking to purchase a paintball gun should know where they are going to play. Whether it is on your own land in the woods or it is on an organized field. The gun applicable to you will depend on the air you have access to. The price of the paintball gun will be determined by the number of features it has. Electronic guns are more costly than no-electronic ones.