Important Facts about Gel Nail Kit

Grooming nails for a girl comes naturally. It is almost an everyday necessity, no, it actually is an everyday necessity. You see, as a lady, well-groomed nails stand out and bring out the best in you. While looking around for the best gel nail kit for home use, I found out that actually have some quality ones that fit an individual’s personal use.


Durability– This is a main advantage of gel nail polish over extensions like acrylic or any other nail polish. They are extremely durable and can with stand every day’s wear and tear process. 


Natural look– Gel nails will give you an exemplary natural look, but if only you apply them well. You may even get a compliment on how your natural nails look awesome.

Quick application– Compared to acrylics, gel nails are quicker to apply especially if you cure them using a UV light.

No nasty fumes– Usually, all nail polish have a sharp smell. Gel nails on the other hand are pleasant for they do not have the nasty fumes.

Dries quickly– After applying polish to your nails, they will need to dry up. This can go even to 2 hours with the normal polish. With gel, it’s a different story. You only need 2 minutes or so as the UV light makes it quicker.

Helps lengthens short nails– Women who apply gel nails often tend to have longer nails. This is because they don’t get to bite on their nails. Also, there is faster growth rate of the nails.


It’s difficult to apply at home

It’s hard to remove too

If the gel nails are not prepared correctly they can peel or lift away from nail plate.

So, now that you know what to expect from a DIY gel nail polish, you can go ahead and treat yourself to one.