Which fabric do you need for your sewing project?

Fabric is the biggest investment in a sewing project besides time. It’s also an area where many novice sewers can go wrong. When you’re faced with a new pattern and an array of fabrics, how do you know which one to choose? Here’s our quick guide to help with your decision.

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Fabric Types

Not all dressmaking fabrics are suited to every job. If you open your wardrobe and look inside, you will see an array of different materials. While it might be tempting to make sweeping statements like thick fabric for jackets and silks for summer dresses, you’ll probably notice this isn’t always the case.

If you are making a tailored jacket, a heavyweight fabric would probably be best. However, if the pattern has any draping, you will need to consider something lighter. Likewise, silk or cotton poplin might be your first choice for a summer dress, but linen is another popular choice in warm weather and can be tailored to a more fitting style.

As you look at the items in your wardrobe, imagine them made from different fabrics. If the maker had chosen satin for that jacket, how would it look? What if that maxi dress were made from tweed? Thinking like this will give you a better instinctive feel for which fabric to choose. Fashion exhibitions also give you a closer look at how dressmakers have worked in the past.

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The Pattern

The rear of the pattern usually has a list of fabrics that should be suitable. You might be offered a wide variety of choices, or it could already be narrowed down to a few. This is the point where you will need to choose for yourself from a reputable supplier of Dressmaking Fabrics .

There are additional things to consider if the pattern uses a knit or jersey fabric. These fabrics have a natural stretch and are generally made a little smaller than measurements to allow them to fit close to the body. The pattern should give you a stretch guide or a bar that shows the size of test piece you should cut and how far it should stretch. If it does not return to size, choose again.

Keep in mind that any reputable retailer will be happy to answer any questions you have!