Buying online glasses – Does this seem to be a good idea?

If you’re someone who has always ordered things online, you will definitely be sure about the fact that the internet is also smart in hosting websites which sell you the best glasses. Did you just get your eyes checked and you were diagnosed with either myopia or hypermetropia? If answered yes, you have to immediately start wearing glasses to give relief to your eyes.

But as long as ordering your glasses are concerned, should you get them online? Although you may be spoilt for choices with the wide array of designs and materials that you find there, yet will you face any difficulty if you don’t get it from a store? Well, here are few tips that you may follow in order to get hold of the best online glasses.


  • Ensure you have your prescription


This might seem to be a no-brainer but there are many who don’t actually take their prescriptions while buying online glasses and they instead fill up the power as per what they remember. You should make sure you have your prescription readily available whenever you sit in front of your laptop to order your glasses. If you don’t find it, ensure getting in touch with an optometrist or your doctor who can detect your metric numbers.


  • Measure the papillary distance


One more vital piece of information on which you have to pay attention is that whenever you try your online glasses, you should keep ready your measurement of papillary distance which is also called the PD. In majority of the cases, your doctor must have written it on the prescription but in case you don’t have one, make sure you get it measured before buying your glasses.


  • Size of the frame


No matter from where you’re ordering your eyeglasses, whether from sites like or any other website, the size of the frame should be taken note of. Usually, frames are designed based on 3 main measurements like the bridge size, the temple size and eye size. In case you already have a pair of eye glasses that fit on you in the best way, you will see that the measurements have been engraved carefully on the temple. If you don’t find it, make sure you know the size that you need before ordering the glasses.


  • The kind of coating you would need


There are different types of lens coating that you would need like the anti-reflective, the scratch-proof or the hydrophobic coating. The first coating provides you with a better vision when you’re driving; the second one makes the lens scratch-resistant and the third will keep fog and rain at bay.

Therefore, whenever you begin ordering your eyeglasses online, make sure you take the above listed advice in mind.