Special Spook-Tacular Floral Ideas for Halloween

Halloween, that event where creativity is boundless and everything and anything is allowed. One of the first things to remember when designing a special Halloween themed flower bouquet is that the colours most associated with the festival of All Hallows (as Halloween is known) are red and black.

Therefore, in order to maintain that authentic Halloween, feel & look, these colours should find their way into the bouquet even if it’s going to have a touch of minimalism. For example, in a Halloween-themed event involving bouquets, these bouquets can be made of blood red roses, tulips or callas (though roses are the more Halloween-y given the Count Dracula angle). A touch of fun would not go amiss however, so unique Halloween-themed aesthetics like black feathers or spider brooches can be added.

A special bouquet idea from Reid’s website that you can try is what I call the Morning Sun Halloween Bouquet. Essentially, this is a flower arrangement where the pot is carved into the shape of a Halloween pumpkin (you know the one, scary face, laughing mouth and beady eyes). Because of its name, it is usually better to use flowers that are especially radiant in the morning. In this category, you have your hibiscus, daisy, the aptly named Morning Glory, Lobelia, Impatens and so many more.

This floral design can be given to friends, family or loved ones and is guaranteed to earn the sender brownie points. Another cool idea for Halloween flower bouquets that is both spook-tacular and serves as a great gift is having a brooch styled bouquet with Halloween trimmings. Brooch-styled bouquets are becoming increasingly popular so why not create a personal masterpiece that resonates by using a Goth-styled bouquet without any flowers (mad right!!!!!). The Halloween Pumpkin arrangement is one that comes with the highest praise. Transform an ordinary, everyday pumpkin into an eye-catching Halloween vase with eerie tones. This can be done by simply spray-painting the pumpkins with a matte finish in any colour of choice (given that its Halloween though and to guarantee that dark, danger-is-coming evening glow, you can never go wrong with matte black finish).

Take care to ensure the pumpkins are completely dry so it’s essential you start the spraying very early and keep away from where any interference will alter the design. Once these pumpkins are dry, get a very sharp knife (a paring one is advisable) and carefully make whatever design patterns you want to put on it. Also, do not forget to cut off the top for where the flowers will go. Once this is done, the pumpkin should then be filled with water and an amount of flower food measured accurately to serve the number of flowers which will be put inside. Then the flowers of choice should be put in; orange daisies are usually preferable but depending on what personal preferences are, succulents like Painted Lady Echeveria, Debbie Graptoveria, Senecio Haworthii Cocoon Plant and other succulents which usually grow between October and November can be used to create a piece of Halloween flower artistry that is enchanting to behold and sweet to the touch.

Another splendid Halloween flower arrangement is a roses and black-feathers bouquet. This floral idea which is simple yet classy and elegant is an instant Halloween classic and can be sent to one’s heartthrob or beloved. This creepy-crawly display can be made with a bouquet of roses, fake black feathers which can be found at any local crafts shop or store and the clincher; mock spiders that are usually black.

This arrangement should then put in a vase which should then be set on a plate. The eight-legged critters should then be scattered liberally across the floral arrangement to ensure the display has that haunted look. Another awesome Halloween flower idea is the one known as the millet in a candy corn door decoration. This �’oh-my-sweet-Lord’’ display is one that can be used year after year to create the farm look which as we all know is a Halloween favourite (think black ravens as the harbingers of death, vampire bats and the likes.

The first thing to do is to create the flower vase. It should be made of sturdy items like wood and cut into a cone-shape. The cone-shaped vase should then be filled with candy corn. After creating the decoration, the candy corn decoration should then be filled with naturally dried natural flowers like grass, berries, millet. Then comes the finishing touch; artificial ravens or sparrows (bats will not give it that bad things happening in a quiet place feel) should be placed on the artificial twigs (painted black of course) to achieve that eerie haunting look.