Creating a Memorable Unboxing Experience

In most cases, the only physical contact an ecommerce customer has in common with the seller is the product and the packaging in which it arrives. When it comes to establishing a brand identity, brick and mortar stores have a distinct advantage. They can create an environment in keeping with the image they want to project. For online retailers to do the same, their only tools are the look of the site and the manner in which they present purchases. Creating a memorable unboxing experience for your customer reinforces the wisdom of their decision to do business with you and makes them look forward to buying something else to have the experience again.

Every Day Is Christmas

Think back to your childhood; unwrapping Christmas presents was almost as much fun (if not more) than playing with the toys they contained. When it comes to opening packages, we’re all still kids excited about opening something new. And, it’s even more enjoyable when the purchase is presented in a way that says the sender thinks highly of us, the product we purchased—and of its reputation as a merchant.

Packaging Sets The Tone

OK, so let’s say you sell cosmetics from home, but you want your customers to feel like they doing business with a high-end makeup boutique. The first thing you must do is invest in elegant packaging. Sure it’s cheaper to throw the makeup in a generic brown box, padded with USA Today. But when it arrives, your customer will feel like they bought it on eBay, rather than from a specialized purveyor of fine cosmetics.

What’s more, wrapping your products in nice tissue paper held closed with a branded gold or silver foil sticker exudes elegance, luxury and class. Tissue paper in a color complementary to the box and printed with your logo adds another touch of class to the package.

Printed Materials Enhance Presentation

Too many retailers miss the advertising opportunity presented when customers open packages. It’s also another chance to project your image as a thoughtful retailer. For makeup, you can include a guide to using the product along with the offer of a discount for complementary items. A custom handwritten note thanking your customer for the purchase will make them feel special and remind them there are flesh and blood entities on the other end of the transaction. Place the packing slip and the invoice in a nice envelope, as opposed to just slipping them loose inside the package. This demonstrates an attention to detail fastidious customers will appreciate.

Special Gifts Express Gratitude

You know that slow moving shipment of eye shadow brushes you got six months ago? When customers purchase eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, primer or other product, throw in a brush or two for free in a little envelope with a note reading, “Thanks for the purchase, please enjoy this gift with our compliments.” People love getting free stuff, particularly when it’s wrapped in a nice way. They feel they got more than they bargained for.

The overriding goal here is to demonstrate your appreciation of your customers. Anything you can do to make them feel like members of an exclusive group will make them more likely to buy from you again. Remember, your ultimate aim is always to engender repeat business. After all, it costs far less to keep a good customer than it does to find a new one. Creating a memorable unboxing experience is a good way to keep them in the fold.