Signs of a Professional RC Car with Great and Fun Performance

If you think remote controlled car is more than just a hobby and you often compete in RC car competition, you will need an excellent professional RC car. Something that is very durable, fast and not just a simple toy little kids often play with.

If you want to make sure that you will nail every competition with your RC car, you need to choose carefully. Since the demand for this product is really high, it will not be hard for you to find a nice RC race car. But if you really want to settle with the best, you can consider buying yourself a FEIYUE FY-03. This product has all the features a professional RC car can have and here are some of them.

Durable Structure

One of the best things about FEIYUE is its choice of material which make its products more durable than other remote controlled car in its class, and that is exactly what this model delivers. It comes with lightweight yet durable alloy chassis structure which will help with the maneuvering.

Furthermore, the addition of pulverous alloy also makes the structure more rigid. RC car competition will always involve high jump, some bumps and crashes here and there. The durable structure will make sure that your RC car will stay in a good condition despite of the harsh treatment it receives.

The magic doesn’t stop there. To give the car more protection, it is equipped with aluminum alloy as the shock absorber, complete with anti-skid and exceptional tires protected from the effect of abrasion.

Good Power

RC race car is all about power. You will not be able to defeat your opponents if its power is just in mediocre level. Thankfully, FY-03 comes with 380 class big power motor and 2.4 GHz radio. It matches the size of the 4-wheel drive RC car perfectly and it is definitely in competition level. You also don’t have to worry that the car will run out of battery in the middle of competition. The high capacity battery can last for 15 minutes if you charge it completely for about 180 minutes.

Easy Control

Easy control is everything for a RC vehicle. Thanks to its alloy chassis structure, this product can easily maneuver to all directions, whether it is backward, forward, left or right. It will help you get away from your opponents and move forward to the finish line. With the left and right hand throttle, you can easily control the remote with your preferred hand.