LuLaRoe Clothing Store Store Review


Every woman wants to look attractive. It takes many things to be attractive. One of them is the right clothes. There are many choices of clothing label that are available on the market. One of them is LuLaRoe clothing. You can check the collection on LuLaRoeKimGathers facebook. This clothing label offers you with wide arrays of clothing collections. Some of them are dresses, tunics, skirts, and leggings. Shopping at this online store is very convenience. You don’t need to travel to a brick and mortar store to find the right outfit that can make your appearance more eye-catching.

What LuLaRoe has to offer?

LulLaRoe is a credible online clothing store.  Shopping at this store offers you better shopping experience. It is because LuLaRoe has some plus points. Here are some of them.

–                      It offers clothing in any size.

If you have difficulties in finding the right size of outfit, you had better go to LuLaRoe facebook page. At this page, you will surely be able to find your size of clothing easily. It is because this online shopping offers you with wide range choices of size. You can find outfit in XXS size up to 3XL size.

–                      It offers limited design.

Finding out that your friends wear identical outfit to yours can be very annoying. For you who don’t want to suffer this embarrassing moment, you must shop at LuLaRoe. This store offers you with stylish clothes that are made in limited number. It only makes up to 5000 copies of each clothing model it sells on this online store. Therefore, you have lower chance to meet someone in identical outfit.

–                      It has great collections at affordable price.

The outfits sold in LuLaRoe are stylish. They are designed to flatter women’s best features. In addition, the clothing offered by this online store is made of high quality material. As a result, they are comfortable to wear. To get those stylish and comfortable outfits, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on them. LuLaRoe clothing is offered at affordable price.

–                      It has an offline store

LuLaRoe clothing is not only available online. You can shop at its offline boutique that is located in New Jersey. For you who want to save on shipping cost, you can order the product online and pick it at the boutique.

With those plus points, you can shop for clothing with more convenience.

How to shop for clothes at LuLaRoe Facebook group page?

Ordering clothes from LuLaRoe Facebook group page is very easy. To be able to see the collection, you need to join the group first. Once you find the right outfit, you can make your order. You are required to fill a Google form at check out. Once it is submitted, your order will be processed.

The shipping cost of a shirt, skirt, or leggings is $4. Meanwhile, the shipping cost for one dress or tunic is $7. If the amount of your order is $150 or more, you will get free shipping. When you are shopping at this store, you will have 5-day return warranty.