Celebrate Bastille Day with the Trusted Party Shop


Excited to celebrate Bastille party? If you are French or live or have lived in France (or have some French friends), of course you get to be familiar with this celebration. This is very famous in France being a national celebration. Most of the people are enthusiastically waiting for French Bastille Day. What is Bastille day party? Where can you buy some party-ready needs and decorations for Bastille Day?


What Is Bastille Day Party?


Bastille Day is a national French day off celebrated on 14th July in every year. This is marked by some festivals and celebrations noon and night. It is like a non stop celebration. Traditionally, this celebration includes Paris Event in which it shows off military parade along an iconic street in Champs – Elysees at morning. It is complete with airplane aerobatic show and speech from president of French. This event also shows impressing fireworks with Eiffel Tower as the background.


It can be said that Bastille Day party is non stop party celebrated starting from morning to over night on 14th July. Due to the happiness of celebrating this party, it makes so many people enthusiastic to wait for this annual event. You can enjoy some other events included in Bastille party like animal party, festival, and attraction how in Paris especially Champs – Elysees Street. Don’t miss every moment in this lively party. It is highly recommended to come to French when this party is celebrated.


Wanna Celebrate Bastille Day? Buy the Stuff and Supplies and Costumes


Bastille Day is obligatorily celebrated by French people. That is why French people never miss this celebration moment. They are trying to make a fun day in Bastille Day. To celebrate this special party, it requires planning and designing a party creatively. Of course, as French people, you need to prepare Bastille Day party supplies. The supplies are used to support the Bastille Day celebration. You can buy all in the trusted party supply stores in Parties Online being the biggest party shop in Australia.  


Chef’s Hat French


There are some supplies and decorations sold for Bastille Day party. One of the supplies is Chef’s Hat French. You can wear it to be a complete costume for acting like a French Chef. This Chef’s hat is sold in this party supply online. This has French flag motif. Look simple and unique that is typical to French chef.


Admiral Hat


Another costume for Bastille Day is admiral hat. This hat is so French. You can match it by wearing admiral outfit to act like French king. Black becomes a major color and little yellow to make it look nice. This hat is suitable to wear for Napoleon style.


Brigitte Bouffant Wig


If you want to look like a French princess, you can put Brigitte Bouffant Wig. This makes you look like a princes dramatically. Just dress up in traditional French style to be one day French princess in Bastille Day.


Curly Clown Wig

Curly clown wig becomes another supply that can be bought in party supply store. You can find blue, red, and white wig. This wig is usually worn for being a clown in Bastille Day. Those are some kinds of Bastille Day party decorations and costumes found in Parties Online.