6 Myths Plus-Size Mothers Of Brides Should Ignore

There are some old beliefs that make full-figure mothers of bride stay confined to particular dress styles. Today, we are busting those myths and if you are a 14-size mother, be prepared for modern styles that will let you have fun on your daughter’s wedding.

Myth 1: Monochromatic colors will slim you

It is okay to use monochromes but there is no need to overuse them. It is true they can create long, slender, and continuous silhouettes. But incorporating random pieces of similar hue just to make you look slim will spoil your elegance. To prevent this sloppy look, different fabrics can help. A textured item or colorful chiffon with would be a better choice than putting on an outfit of similar material from top to bottom. The choice of hue matters a lot for the mother of bride. She can’t wear the same colors as the bridesmaids because she is more important on her daughter’s wedding. Nude colors for plus size couture dresses are great choices but they should be in line with the mom’s skin tone.

Myth 2: Stripes are forbidden

Plus-size mothers of brides can rock stripes as long as there are no random lines at the stripes. There are many plus size mother of the bride outfits with asymmetrical stripes that create a smaller figure illusion. The best stripes are inwardly curved especially at the waistline. Thinner light-colored stripes are better than thick ones with bold colors.

Image Source: Couturecandy.com (Designer Mother of the bride dress Selection)

Myth 3: The right waistline for a full-figure is empire

There is nothing like a one-design-fits-all when it comes to dressing. It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard and even an empire waist may not be the best for you. If you have a smaller bust but fuller at the bottom, the empire waistline is a go-to option because it will accentuate your small waist. On the other hand if your midsection and bust are bulky, they style will not work for you unless you want to look like you are pregnant on your child’s big day!

Myth 4: The bigger the dress, the better

Some people will advise you to get baggy plus size mother of the bride dresses to hide your flaws. Don’t listen to this. Baggy outfits will make you look even bigger. Not every curvy body needs bulky attire. Rather, you should flaunt your figure with dresses that contour your shape and curves. But don’t go for the clingy gowns. Look for fabrics that can stretch to give you a silhouette without necessarily snugging too much. If you have to wear a voluminous gown on your daughter’s wedding, pair them with more fitted items and avoid exaggerations like plunging cuts. For instance, wear flowy top and slim pants. Avoid top to bottom voluminous look.

Myth 5: Trendy is risky

I you think that sticking to the basics is elegance, you must be boring. So long as the trend floats your boat, you have nothing to lose. The secret is to pick a trend that accentuates your figure. Do you adore jackets? Then, plus size mother of the bride dress with jacket is your ideal trend. If you love color blocking, choose multi-toned items but make sure that dark colors or vertical panels don’t appear on your weak areas. Ensure that you find a trusted friend or your daughter to help you with your shopping.

Myth 6: Do not put on fussy details

If anybody told you that ruffles for plus size mother of the bride outfits bring negative attention, it’s time you ditch the rule. Instead, you can add details in parts that need support without increasing volume. However, don’t use fussy embellishments on parts of your body you want to downplay. Ruched and ruffled details work well for your assets and. The secret is in knowing the right place to put the details.