Super-comfortable, relaxed tailoring is right on trend

Men’s fashion may not get as much attention as women’s, but it’s still a huge market with clear trends and plenty of people who follow them.

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As with all fashion, the products which make it into stores are a modified version of those shared on the catwalk, as over the top expression morphs into wearable pieces that won’t scare the neighbours or office mates.

What’s new?

The latest trend in men’s fashion is all about relaxed cuts and soft fabrics, a combination which offers men the chance to look smart and feel stylish and comfortable at the same time.

How to spot the trend in stores

Work style suits with fluid cuts and leisure trousers which are relaxed rather than baggy are two good signs of this new trend, as are the shirt-jacket hybrids which raise the concept of smart-casual to a new level.

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Made to measure still works

Relaxed fit tailoring can still be made to measure, by a tailor or by yourself if you have the necessary sewing ability. It’s easy to find the most popular on-trend cotton fabric online, at sites such as The perfect material to replicate the crisp stone cotton look that is proving so popular –

Think stretch not slouch

Baggy trousers are history, relaxed means easy to move in and slightly stretchy, so expect wool-silk combinations in either plain or checked patterns.

Colours and patterns

Along with the standard greys and navy, there is much more choice from the pastel palette than is usual. Watch out for delicate pinks, lemons and peach shades on items such as suits, light coats, trousers, and shirts.

Mix and match

This is a great trend for anyone who feels the need to experiment a little, as shiny materials are paired with wool, plain cottons with stripes, and roomy topcoats appear with draped trousers designed with extra material to bunch around the ankles.


With so much focus on the body, it seems the feet are destined to stay out of the limelight, so a pair or two of plain white tennis shoes are all you need to invest in.

Like any fashion trend, it’s up to individual shoppers to choose the most appealing pieces, though with so much on offer this season, that task is not an easy one.