Why Is Fashion Such a Complex Topic

Fashion is a complex topic because it is essentially a social and cultural movement towards the attainment of human goals to satisfy skin protection and at the same time satisfy the desire for recognition and attention. Fashion is an artform by itself that is defined by the development in human civilization.

Fashion is basically a complex venture and way of life since it includes components. It has a dress or attire component, a wearable component usually in the form of jewelry, and it has an art component to make fashion pleasing in the eyes of a specific audience.  Your skin complexion, size, height and just about everything else, should play a part in deciding what you wear.

Fashion is dictated by the cultural, social and technological environments where it thrives, that is why complex matters in fashion. Present fashion trends are based on the culture of globalization. There is a combining of the old and the new in today’s fashion that makes it complex. Women’s fashion dresses, for instance have short lengths and long lengths that can be used depending on the occasion.

Boardwalk fashion, on the other hand, is basically an expression of art, a product of the imagination of the designer influenced by the culture of his or her time. Yet, globalization participates in boardwalk fashion due to the commercial value of the dress that is linked to advertising. This is an example why complex matters in fashion.

In addition, fashion is also modified by climate change. There is a winter fashion, a spring fashion, and a summer fashion that produces a plethora of garment and wearables to suit the climate occasion. This climate-based trend is complicated by consumer demand and global advertising which is why complex matters in fashion.

Success in fashion is dependent on the creativity of the designer and the participation of global sponsors in advertising and purchasing. The cycle of creation, production, dissemination and consumption is integrated in the popular runway fashion event designed to create customer attraction and praise from the media community.

The trend for 2017 for women’s fashion for spring and summer are short and long dresses produced in bright red combined with black or pastel colors. The ramp or runway model expressing the fashion trend based on a designer’s creation and defined by social, cultural, as well as global and technological norms makes modern fashion even more complex that makes one ask why complex matter in fashion.

For most people today, fashion is a way of life. The term “fashionista” is a result of the involvement of certain sectors of society in the social and global fashion movement who belong mostly to elite of society. There is an investment requirement in fashion. Because of the high-end production created by fashion groups that include the creative designers, businessmen and model artists, fashion has become an investment portfolio for those involved in this venture.

In the area of wearables, jewelry has not only become an art piece that the body has to use and show off, it has been integrated into digital technology. Jewelry fashion has become more functional today than simply artistic, and this complication has been brought about by new inventions in the digital world, like the silicone wearables that express certain personal beliefs.

It should be noted that the tribal peoples of Asia, Africa and North America and South American tribes introduced the concept and practice of wearables in the form of bracelets, headgear and necklaces that have been modified and refined today through sophisticated jewelry and wearable devices like the friendship bracelets or Jewelbots that can send communication signals aside from its value as a fashion device. This confirms the idea why complex matters in fashion.

Smart clothing, for instance, redefines fashion and has been a game changer like the use of fitness trackers, band pulse, headbands that sense brain waves and other smart jewelry. A more innovative tech-based fashion trend is the Google Glass and the head mounted VR displays like the Oculus Rift.

Wearable technology has already become a widespread global trend and fashion status. These items can blend easily with conventional jewelry and at the same time have become personal monitoring devices.

The integration of old cultural values with modern globalized values in today’s fashion culture makes present-day fashion unique and innovative as it is artistically expressive, providing a number of exciting options both for the producer and the wearer, and justifying the idea why complex matters in fashion.

So that fashion will become ever more complex as we approach the post-21st century.