The Peacock: How Grooms are Sharing the Spotlight

These days it’s not just the bride who agonises over what she will wear on her big day, it’s the groom too! For many men, wearing a dark coloured suit or a tux feels a little impersonal and boring, and they want to customise their look and stand out on during their nuptials.

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A growing number of men are choosing to go for customised, personalised wedding outfits, and whether it’s as simple as swapping smart shoes for Dr Martens, or having a suit made up in a specific fun fabric, fashion conscious men are having their say when it comes to what they wearing to the altar.

A Personal Choice

Instead of the bride taking centre stage, they now have to share the spotlight with their groom, who’s also putting his stamp on his wedding day. It seems that a growing number of men are taking an interest in their wedding outfits, and fresh, new ideas are being introduced all the time.

For grooms, their wedding is also a time to express themselves and embrace the personal aspect of the day. Brides and grooms are increasingly opting to deviate from tradition, and it’s not uncommon to see the groom rocking a pair of sneakers and the bride doing the same! Grooms are no longer shy about expressing themselves through their clothes, and really, what better time for them to show off their true colours and personal style than at their wedding?

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A Break from Convention

Grooms don’t have to look weird or wacky if they shy away from convention, they can easily pair a suit or mens Farah shirts such as those available at with a pair of funky socks and a fun handkerchief, adding something special to their look without going overboard. In many cases the traditional suit is also given a makeover to suit the groom’s personal tastes, and although they’ll stand out, they’ll never really overshadow the bride!

Designers are being inundated with requests from grooms to kit them out in something they really want to wear to their wedding, rather than sticking to a conventional suit. It seems like the trend for men to have their say and show off their style at their wedding is set to grow as the years go by.