Know your Wife to get her the best gifts

There are times when you feel like stranded in your relationship. You feel like “Am I living with a stranger?” Again you cannot call this person a total stranger because this is your wife. Actually, we all keep a part of us hidden and unknown from the others. And to know that uncrossed zone, one needs to spend more time with the better half. To choose the best gifts for wife for various occasions, you just need to spend some more time with each other, talk to each other on important and trivial matters.

Let’s check how well you can work to know your wife in a better way.

  1. If she is into reading, then indulge yourself into reading books with her. And if there is less time to read together, then at least make a habit to discuss about books and stories with her. That’s how you would get to know about various beliefs, understandings, and perceptions.
  2. Always make a habit of doing something innovative together. For example, cooking, dancing, or some DIY sessions would help you in understanding your wife in a better way. And while you are going to attend the dancing class, one day you can bring a nice trinket or tiara as a gift for wife.
  3. Asking her after returning from office, “How was your day?” would really make your life simpler. Each one of us goes through some challenges in work field and thus a caring welcome to home is a much-required dose. As per her expressions, you would be able to know about her exact mood and act accordingly.
  4. Playing different games in free time together would also give you a better insight into her psychology to understand about all the small details in her.

Here are some of the gift ideas that you can incorporate to make her happy.

  1. Garments and jewelry are certain things that are always on the priority list of a woman. Get her a designer saree or a boutique dress or a diamond ring/gold jewelry on her birthday.
  2. If she loves her kitchen time, getting various crockery items would be lovedby her. And to gift something for the kitchen works, you don’t really need an occasion – right?
  3. If you are away to some distant land and your wife is here in India, send some personalized gifts  and make her happier on the anniversary day. For example, a personalized lampshade or candle would be a brilliant idea for anniversary time.
  1. If your wife is a lover of adventure, take her to places like Leh-Ladakh-Lahul-Spiti and spend a vacation with adventure sports. You would return understanding each other a notch higher.