Make a Very 2016 Christmas Party

Every Christmas party needs to create the wow factor, something which makes your event memorable for all the right reasons. You should remember that not only are you trying to ensure you and all your guests have a wonderful time, but that you give off a good impression of yourself in terms of your home, abilities to put on a good show, and your lifestyle too. How you wish to present yourself is up to you of course. The two main areas to get right first however, are the location and the food. After that you can worry about festive music, entertainment, and the right selection of guests.

Dress Your Home Appropriately

Wowing your guests means creating the best first impression, so you need the right decor and party atmosphere. Dramatic theming can transform any venue whether it is a large hall or your comfortable home. You can go for luxury, traditional or themed interiors when creating your winter or Christmas wonderland. Naturally, this depends on your budget and the nature of your home, but some ideas include warm colours, cushions, candles, use of either stark whites with natural wreaths and rustic items or going for the full red, green and white of the coca cola Christmas.

2016’s Must Have Foods

Every year the supermarkets and boutique stores try to outdo themselves with luxurious pre-made party foods. However, if you want to make your 2016 platter even more special, consider some luxurious homemade foods like Christmas tree, snowflake, or snowman cookies. These are pretty simple, but you can do more. For example, why not build your own Christmas Croquembouche out of profiteroles, caramel, melted chocolate, and Christmas decorations. Don’t forget the savory snacks too with vol-au-vents, miniature turkey and cranberry pies, garlic bread slices with mozzarella, and finally, never forget the drink whether you are going for stylish cocktails or a selection of good wines.