Dangerous road Derbyshire

It is fair to say that, although the way the UK is not dangerous because some of the roads in other countries, it is still important to be careful when doing delivery work in the UK, especially if you find that your actual day delivery direct to Derbyshire County where most of the bad say traffic deaths. So, if you send a job containing one of the three is a dangerous road, then you might want to look at the alternative routes with GPS, so you can avoid the worst roads in the United Kingdom:

A5012 Pikehall Matlock

The A5012 Derbyshire Pikehall extends nine miles between Matlock and by EuroRAP is ranked as the third worst roads in the UK. The eastern side of the street called Via Gellia Valley and commonly used to transport goods from the nearby mines and stone works. This means that the road can get both rocky and often wet and slippery. This, along with many sharp turns, narrow roads and the speed limit of 40 mph was recently subjected doing this way to avoid making display advertising.

A54 Congleton to Buxton

The A54 Congleton to Buxton joined the most dangerous roads in the UK and the second between 2003 and 2005 was responsible for 18 deaths. 26% of all traffic accidents in the corner so be careful when using one of the routes. Most operators are encouraged to pass along this road around and take the A537 and A556, which are much quieter road between the two goals. Like the A5012, A54 can be dangerous, but also a very good way. Many drivers call the Dane River Road and in carrying out their work gives to follow the path which runs the River Dane.

A537 Macclesfield to Buxton

As mentioned above, the A537 is often used as an alternative to the dangerous Macclesfield to Buxton. However, this route may be more relaxed, but still dangerous and more accidents which means EuroRAP is listed as the most dangerous of all the ways English. The worst part is the second stage of the road between Macclesfield and Burbage. By submitting their work to try to make sure that you are aware of a lot of sharp angles that contains this path. It is a very acute angle which the course is popular with motorcyclists. Riders are responsible for most of the accidents and, therefore, the road has a 50 mph speed limit is enforced. A537 also contains the highest pub in the UK, The Cat and the Fiddle, where you can stop for hot food and drinks and watch Cat.cam to see what the traffic is like for your return trip .

Although three of the worst roads in the UK are in Derbyshire, you will be surprised to learn that the average Scotland had the highest risk of road. However, EuroRAP expect to make drivers aware of hazardous road before reaching their potential accidents can be avoided.