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The Indian automobile, which includes design, construction, repair, manufacture and sale of cars, two wheelers, three wheelers and trucks, buses and tractors, watching the stream in recent years and continues to boom today days. Furthermore, according to the Automotive Mission Plan (2006-2016), presented by the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises in the country, India is a preferred investment destination by international car makers, many of which make up the manufacturing division in this country, the landscape completely open new job opportunities for engineers. The automobile industry in India is the largest industry in the world novena. Next Japan, South Korea and Thailand, in 2009, India has emerged as the fourth largest exporter of automobiles. Several automakers have increased their India operations worldwide as well, calling for more investment in the automotive sector in India by multinational companies.

With over 1000000000 positive population, Bicycle trade in India has experienced impressive growth over the last decade and continues to move from strength to strength. New bikes in India, including most of the Indian motorcycle industry. This growth is very big on the bike is purely approved two important factors, especially income and availability of financial services are terrible. Dynamic changes in the market, the bike slowly began to replace scooters and mopeds. Consuming more than the two Indian industry wheeled bike with style and class standing for many Indian men and some women too.

Automotive companies and industry have a special punch for everyday life of modern man, which requires fast mobility with uniformity. The rapid growth of the automobile industry is the evidence of latest automobile technology, which is the best car growing Indian economy. This inventive competition has brought a new phase of the car. From the classic model for future models, there is really a big event competition in the industry.

The Auto Expo has started for all cars and motorbikes recently launched as shown in the area defined by the mega event. All car manufacturers, traders, exporters, importers must submit a common platform through this mega event. This is done by the Association of Automotive Component Manufacturers of India, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (Siam).

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