Driver DSA Driving Theory Test for Car and Bike studies – Risk Perception Test

Why hazard perception test was introduced?

New drivers are disproportionately involved in accidents, especially in the first months after passing a driving test. It has been proven that drivers who have taken hazard perception training have the hazard perception skills are much better.

About hazard perception test

Hazard Perception Test Tips is a series of online computer-based advice, which measures the driver’s ability to anticipate and respond appropriately to dangerous situations while driving.

Hazard perception test, you can see the original video clip, the scene of the traffic on the point of view of the driver. When you watch the clip, you might think that you are the driver.

In each clip there will be at least one developing hazard, but one of the clips will feature two developing hazards.

You need to carefully watch the clip and try to predict the risk of traffic as soon as possible. As soon as you predicted traffic hazards can occur, you must respond immediately. Traffic risk is something that will require the driver to take some action, such as reducing speed, overtaking or changing direction.

Hazard perception test is designed for the candidate to identify ‘Development of risk “is not a potential danger.

School danger signals as dormant, but if you see a school across the road, then it becomes a threat to development and must be met.

In his appearance for the hazard perception test, be sure to follow the risk, as it is a situation where the possibility of the evolution of risk can be modified in real danger:

pedestrians or cyclists crossing the road

vehicles emerging from side roads, parking and streets

great car in motion on the side of the road

meeting oncoming vehicles on narrow roads or where other obstructions or slow moving

vehicles make the road narrow

Loose animals and farm animals

The changes in the traffic flow and the volume

intersections and roundabouts


weather days

Dialing in the hazard perception test

Marking each window is divided into five equal segments and a score 5-1 attribute. Respond to the first segment of the window marked points 5 and the last segment a score of 1. Responses outside the window will score zero.

Marking a hazard perception test is not hard at all. But you need to understand the testing and training in several clips.

You can make more than 70 interactive hazard perception clips on our website. Detailed information on how to overcome the hazard perception part of the test. We have a graphic description of the window marked our website.