The new driver CPC requirements

Driver CPC is a new rule for professional coach drivers, buses and trucks. Since its implementation in 2008, only holders of vocational driving license is not sufficient for the driver of the vehicle. CPC means Vocational Qualifications. The main objective of the new legislation is to improve road safety through better professional drivers and a better image of the profession in order to attract more people to choose it as the call. Driver Certificate of Professional competence not only improve the knowledge and skills of new drivers, but also requires them to continue to maintain these skills as they work in the field.

Driver Certificate of Professional competence for all drivers of vehicles of categories C and D category Regulations imposed in September 2008 for PCV drivers and September 2009 for lorry drivers applied. Driver Certificate of Professional competence must be renewed every 5 years. In this section, the driver is required to complete 35 hours of approved continuing education training. CPC training is staggered over five years, or you can do at once.

To obtain the initial Driver Certificate of Professional competence, the driver is required to complete the test module includes four / education study 2 hour theory test theory test case 1 hour, 1 practice test of time, and 1 hour practical demonstration of safety vehicle. The new driver will have the option to get a driver attestation of professional competence while getting a professional license. There are several companies in the UK LGV and PCV training is provided. Equipment must be approved by the Secretary of State and can be found by searching the Internet.

Drivers working for development policy is automatically granted certification for five years, but then began a program of renewal that other drivers. The second driver of LGV and PCV vehicles still only have to complete 35 hours of training. Those drivers who choose to upgrade your license from a category C to a category C + E is no need to extend your driver’s license or professional then modifying the way in the competition.

The new driver certificate of professional competence has really changed the way the PCV and LGV drivers trained vehicle. Despite a longer training time and learning in general, the quality of the drivers on the road has increased dramatically. Not only that, but with the continuing education requirements of both drivers improve throughout his career.