Light time

Light time is a valuable tool for engineers and mechanics to diagnose faults and troubleshooting time. Strobe lights and the time used to dynamically adjust the ignition timing of the gasoline engine. However, with the advent of the engine management system and electronic control ignition timing with the latest machinery, when the lights are now most commonly used for fault diagnosis.

The purpose of the light time to ensure that each cylinder spark occurs at the right time for the gas engine more efficient combustion. It can sometimes get out of the formulation of recommendations.

How did this work?

Most of the time the lights are powered by a 12V car battery and cable collection ignition lead connected directly to the engine. A light beam is generated at the same time as creating spotlight ignition. Turning the lights marking time machine pointer and picture freezes yet. Just look at the manufacturer when the motor position signal occurs when the ignition key. The time is then adjusted by changing the position of the distributor.

It takes time to carry out the initial idle or basic, but it is a higher speed before the time you need light at higher speeds before the spark occurs. Time available light with a set of advanced call delay allows the user to see signs of intermittent times since raised before the propaganda machine

Because standard CE, when all the lights xenon lights now that the old Neon. One of the advantages of the new Xenon bulbs is that they provide a light blue / white glow brightly you can see daylight and bright workshop