Celebrity Courier 5 Things Not To Do

Out there on the road, day after day, too easy for a courier for you to slide one or two bad habits. Fortunately, however, there are many celebrities out there, it is not a good example to always remind us of the proper way to drive. We look at five examples of celebrities messaging really have to go.

Belt Up Ice-T

Famous rapper Ice-T was a bump in the NYPD recently when trying to get the dog to the vet. However, it was not going at high speed for this problem, but the failure to wear seat belts in the car. The rapper, who is now acting in the hit series Law & Order, was booked and taken to the police station even though it was released shortly after. But what can we learn from this situation? Even the courier in and out of the car much during the day, it is important to wear your seatbelt.

Beyonce Put It Up

He can only take a little license, having recently taught me a lesson husband Jay-Z, but not long a superstar Beyonce Knowles to go on the road. Taken over by police in Brooklyn, was seen writing a text message on the phone while he made his way in and out of traffic. Unfortunately, he was arrested for what is probably the only authority in New York who does not know who he was, and although he did not know texting while driving is against the law, the singer still keeps ticket. If you are a runner, make sure you pursue your communications before returning the car.

Do not drive Dyer

Danny Dyer recently acquired Porsche driving – not everyone will be happy courier arrested driving a sports car? The significant difference is, of course, that the mail is most likely to have a valid driver’s license. Having said the newspaper in the past that can not drive, it is not surprising that the police saw Danny Dyer could only show them with a temporary license. It seems to me, even driving a Porsche with learning plates still look a bit cooler than the core arrested.

Sober Up Swann

Recently England cricketer Graeme Swann went before a judge, accused of drink driving get. There could be named cricketer of the year, but should play Swann before returning the car. In fact, as you know any courier, who had to give a liquid lunch if he has a place to be in the afternoon.

Go Home George

Having recently emerged from a two-year suspension, you can expect to see George Michael back in the role after another driving incident. However, early on a Sunday morning a few weeks ago, George went just ahead of the car firmly parked in a shop in Hampstead High Street. What can you learn from messaging George Michael? Careless whisper not be a problem, but you can go through lot of trouble reckless driving.

So, if you are a runner, keep your eye out for celebrities to show exactly how not to behave when you are on the road.