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Automotive tools market is vast with 100 special tools used for specific tasks like drive shaft wrenches, socket fuel injection and valve spring compressor. And while specialist tools are very useful and necessary in many cases there are basic hand tools required by mechanics and service technicians. A brief description of the basic hand tools should start a collection of tools shown.

Key / Key

Keys are available in different sizes and come in standard and metric. It is advisable to have both in your collection device.

Standard imperial spanner sizes are:

10-12 – 13-14 – 17-18 – 19-20 – 21-22 mm

Standard metric wrench sizes are:

1/4 “- 5/16” – 11/32 “- 3/8” – 7/16 “- 1/2” – 9/16 “- 5/8” – 11/16 “- 3/4 “- 13/16” – 7/8 “

Have more sizes available, but you can buy a great range of standard size and super size need to buy separately.


Socket probably the most widely used mechanical devices and are as common ether or deep. Used to undo and tighten bolts socket is usually sold in groups of various sizes and are available in metric and imperial units. It is advisable to have the same size as the car is available without base bolt and you do not know what size the bolts are discussed below. The socket is sized according to the fixing device, torque wrenches, etc. and are available in 1/4 “, 3/8”, 1/2 “, 3/4” and 1 “is the most popular 1/4 “and 1/2”, but there are many units in September multi-socket available to provide a wide range of sizes and accessories are perfect if you are starting out.


There are many types of screwdriver available including special units such as the Tri-wing, Torq-set and hexalobular but you can not find most of the specialized unit unless you work in a specific industry. Two common screwdrivers are Philips and flat head or straight. The purchase of screwdrivers are recommended to go to the “impact screwdrivers” they have a shaft went all the way through the handle and allows more torque to be applied.

Tool Box / Cabinet

How to keep your device? The tool can survive if you buy quality and look after them. And the main reason for having to buy tools misplace them. To start the tool box or case will suffice and most tool sets come in storage boxes, but one begins to grow in her collection are advised to invest in a tool cabinet, which can be very expensive, but if You can buy a quality that will last a career.

When starting the budget may be sensitive, but try getting a quality tool, but a range of supermarkets and from time to time to build your tool collection as you go.